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Gerhart Hauptmann

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I reckon that our new production should resonate with the audience. Unfortunately, there's a lot of "theatrics" in the bad sense of the word in today's life - in media, in relationships, at work... Fake feelings, fake emotions, fake situations, fake people...This hypocrisy is savored with pleasure, repeated and reflected as if in a distorting mirror. True feelings and life are there, where hearts are torn, when true love comes and, unfortunately, sometimes it leads to tragedy. Hauptmann’s play is a tragic love story of an old man and a young girl, about the destructive force of self-interest and greed that cloud judgement. The lust for money conquers love. Our performance is a romantic tragedy about the life of two pure and decent people. (director of the production, People’s Artist of Russia, Vladimir Beylis).

Director - People's Artist of Russia, Vladimir Beylis

Designer - People's Artist of Russia, laureate of State Prizes of Russia Boris Messerer

Composer - Eduard Gleizer

Lighting Designer - Ayvar Salikhov

Choreographer - Pyotr Kazmiruk

Assistant Director - Honored Worker of Culture of Russia Vladimir Egorov

Running time: 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Premiere - March 3, 2019.