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Kagakov Sergey

Honored Artist of Russia

Sergey Kagakov was born on November 24, 1958. In 1980 he graduated from Mikhail Shchepkin Higher Theatre School (course of V.I. Korshunov) and was invited to join Gorky Drama Theatre in Kuybyshev (now the Samara Academic Drama Theater named after M. Gorky), where he served for twenty-one years. During this time, Sergey Kagakov became one of the leading artists of the Samara theatre troupe, having played a total of twenty-five roles, eleven of them being central. Creativity, talent, enthusiasm and the widest range of creative possibilities allowed Sergey to «give life» to such diverse characters of classical and modern drama like Pancrazio («The Venetian twins» by C. Goldoni), Kukin («The Darling» by A.P.Chekhov), Badri Lomidze («Chinar manifesto» by N. Dumbadze), Timosha («The Golden Carriage» by L.Leonov), etc.

Some of his most prominent roles are Khlestakov («The Government Inspector» by N.V.Gogol), Alyosha Karamazov and Smerdyakov («The Brothers Karamazov» by F.M. Dostoyevsky), Rosencrantz («Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead» by T. Stoppard); in a brilliant grotesque artists’ party entitled «The entire Shakespeare in less than two and-a-half hours» Kagakov played all the female parts - Desdemona, Ophelia and Gertrude.

Sergey was awarded with the Grand Prix at the IV Festival of Russian Provincial Theaters for his role in the play «Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead».

In 2001, Sergey Alexandrovich Kagakov joined the Maly Theatre’s company. Each of the roles he performed on the stage of one of the oldest theatres in Russia, is highlighted by his immense talent, creative imagination and impeccably taste, as well as his ability to penetrate deeply into the psychology of the character he is playing.

For over twenty years the artist has been working with children. In Samara, he led an acting class. Moreover, Sergey Kagakov wrote literary and drama compositions based on the works by Mikhail Zoshchenko, Boris Zakhoder, Nikolai Gogol. Based on these compositions, he stages mini-performances, intended for 3-4 artists, and shows these mini-performances in comprehensive schools.

Sergey Kagakov appeared in films and television shows. He is best known for his roles as Rothschild in «Great Adventurers», Nicholas II of Russia in «Russian Terror», Grinevich in Sergey Solovyov’s «Anna Karenina» and «Crimson Color of the Snowfall». Kagakov also played in television series «Moscow Saga», «Dream Factory», «The Liquidator».

Roles in the Maly Theatre:

2002 - (replacement) Sakerdon, «Hard-earned Bread» by Alexander Ostrovsky, directed by Alexander Korshunov

2002 - (premiere) the Second merchant, «The Deep» by Alexander Ostrovsky, directed by Alexander Korshunov

2002 - (replacement) the Groom, «Tsar Fyodor Ioannovich» by Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy, directed by Boris Ravenskikh

2002 - (premiere) Louis XIII, «The Cloak of the Cardinal» by Pavel Gusev, directed by Vladimir Dragunov

2004 - (replacement) Archimandrite Cyril, «Tsar Boris» by Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy, directed by Vladimir Beylis

2006 - (premiere) Bobchinskiy, «The Government Inspector» by Nikolay Gogol, directed by Yuri Solomin and Vasiliy Fyodorov

2007 - (premiere) Osipov, «Dmitry the Pretender and Vasily Shuisky» by Alexander Ostrovsky, directed by Vladimir Dragunov

2009 - (premiere) The Chancellor, «Smart Things» by Samuil Marshak., directed by Vasiliy Fyodorov

2011 - (replacement) Brother Strength, «The Life and Love of Monsieur de Molière» by Mikhail Bulgakov, directed by Vladimir Dragunov

2011 - (replacement) Prince Belskiy, «Tsar Ivan the Terrible» by Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy, directed by Vladimir Dragunov

2014 - (premiere) Prince Alexander Mikhailovich Golitsyn, «The Theatre of the Empress» by Edvard Radzinsky, directed by Vladimir Dragunov

2017 - (replacement) Nikandr Mukhoyarov, «Truth is Good, but Happiness is Better» by Alexander Ostrovsky, directed by Sergey Zhenovach

2018 - (premiere) Alekseev, «Tsar. Coup d’Etat» by Svyatoslav Rybas, directed by Elena Olenina

2019 - (replacement) Vralman, «The Minor» by Denis Fonvizin, directed by Vitaliy Ivanov