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Viña Delmar

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Nearest shows: 10.03, 19.03, 1.04, 29.04

Yury Solomin's new production is based on the well-known screenplay Make Way for Tomorrow by Viña Delmar. It is a striking story about an elderly couple who are in thrall to their children's indifference. In spite of all the difficulties and injusticies that life brings them, the forced separation, boundless love, respect and affection for each other, allow Lucy and Barkley Cooper, played by Lyudmila Polyakova and Vladimir Nosik, to have hope for the future.

Director – People's Artist of the USSR Yuri Solomin

Composer – People's Artist of Russia Grigoriy Gobernik

Designer – Honored Worker of Culture of Russia Alexander Glazunov

Lighting designer - Honored Art Worker of Russia Damir Ismagilov

Video content - "HO studio"

Choreographer - Nataliya Tsybulskaya

Assistant directors - Nataliya Demidova, Honored Worker of Culture of Russia Vladimir Egorov

Running time: 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Premiere: March 10, 2019.