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Kolesnikova Alyona


Alyona graduated from Mikhail Semyonovich Shchepkin Higher Theatre School (course of O.N. Solomina and Y.M. Solomin). She joined the Maly Theatre’s company in September 2011.

Roles in the Maly Theatre:

2011 - The Old Woman, «The Last Term» by Valentin Rasputin, directed by Olga Solomina

2012 - Princess Tugoukhovskaya, «Woe from Wit» by Alexander Griboedov, directed by Sergey Zhenovach

2012 - Korobkin's Wife, «The Government Inspector» by Nikolay Gogol, directed by Yuri Solomin and Vasiliy Fyodorov

2012 – The lady at the ball, «The Masquerade» by Mikhail Lermontov, directed by Andrey Zhitinkin

2013 - Varya, «The Cherry Orchard» by Anton Chekhov, directed by Igor Iliyinskiy

2013 - Irma, «How to Cheat the State» by Louis Verneuil and Georges Berr, directed by Vladimir Beylis

2014 - Miss de la Motte, «The Youth of Louis XIV» by Alexandre Dumas, père, directed by Yuri Solomin

2017 - Lipa, «Vassa Zheleznova.The First Version» by Maxim Gorky, directed by Vladimir Beylis

2018 - Peasant Woman, «Time Of Troubles.1609-1611» by Vladimir Medinksiy, directed by Vladimir Beylis

2019 - Cora, «The Rest Is Silence» by Viña Delmar, directed by Yuri Solomin