A.I. Submatov-Yuzhin Memorial Accomodation

The house number 5 on the Bolshoy Palashevsky lane was built in 1882. 10 years later Prince Alexander Ivanovich Sumbatov-Yuzhin settled there and lived there until his death in 1927. The lane was renamed Yuzhinskiy in honor of Alexander Ivanovich, this name was preserved until 1994.

After the death of Alexander Yuzhin, his widow, Maria Nikolaevna Sumbatova (nee Baroness Korf) turned the two rooms - the study and the living room - into memorial ones, and every 17th day (the artist’s date of birth and the date of his death) she held commemoration gatherings. Maria Nikolaevna passed away in 1938. She bequeathed Yuzhin’s archive to the Maly Theatre, and also asked to transform the study, the living room and the dining room into a museum.

Her last will was only fulfilled in the next century. In January 2001, 4 rooms were transferred to the Maly Theatre – a study, a living room, a dining room and a bedroom of A.I. Sumbatov-Yuzhin. For over 5 years the exposition was being prepared by the Honored Artist of Russia V.N Shikharev. The official opening ceremony took place in 2006. The exhibition area includes the artist's memorial room, a living room, a "musical living room" (a dining room transformed into an exhibition and a theatre hall), as well as a former bedroom turned into Alexander Ivanovich's dressing-room in the Maly Theatre, where he was getting ready to go on stage, and where he used to work as a director, where he received visitors. In 2014, the museum was closed for renovation, related to the restoration of the historic facade of the building. On December 23, 2015, the museum reopened its doors.

The memorial apartment regularly hosts exhibitions, literary evenings, and meetings with contemporary artists, as well as conferences. These events are dedicated not only to the personality of Alexander Ivanovich, but also to the modern history of the main House in his life - the Maly Theatre.

Discover the history of the apartment and its inhabitants with one of our regular guided tours – «A.I.Sumbatov-Yuzhin and the theatre of his time» (a tour of the memorial apartment), «M.N. Ermolova and A.I. Sumbatov-Yuzhin. Moscow addresses of the great artists» (a walking tour that includes a visit to A.I.Sumbatov-Yuzhin's Memorial Apartment and M.N. Ermolova House-Museum).

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