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Sergei Naidenov

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Nearest shows: 7.03, 21.04

Maly Theatre presents the production of Sergei Naidenov’s play «Vanyushin's Children».Naidenov was a pen name of Sergei Alexandrovich Alexeev, Russian playwright, the son of a merchant, who was well acquainted with the way of life of Russian tradesmen. His characters are different from the inhabitants of the Moskva River, those we generqally encounter in Ostrovsky’s plays. His heroes are people who can reflect both on personal and social moral issues and responsibilities.

The protagonist of the drama is a man who has lived a long life and who is constantly thinking about his children’s fate and how they will continue living with him and after his death without him. He genuinely cares for his children, but, unfortunately, doesn’t get any feedback from them. They are searching for their own new path.

When the play was produced in 1901 by the famous provincial director Nikolai Sinelnikov at Korsh’s theatre, it won Naidenov instant fame and critical acclaim and was widely produced throughout the provinces. Naidenov’s characters were as popular as Chekhov's. These are young people looking for their own path in life, they are tired of the stagnancy that surrounded their parents –theme that was very relevant for that time. Director Vitaly Ivanov managed to find something else in Naidenov’s work…Family issues and dramas that are still relevant today. The audience will have a chance to decide whether the play, written over 100 years ago is still modern…

In 2013 the production of «Vanyushin's Children» and the acting duo of Boris Nevzorov and Ludmila Polyakova became the winners of the XI International Theatre Forum Zolotoy Vityaz («Golden Knight»)

Performance Director – Vitaly Ivanov

Designer – Alexander Glazunov

Costume Designer – Alexei Trefilov

Composer – Alexander Ivanov

Lighting Designer – Damir Ismagilov

Assistant Director — Tatiana Egorova

Premiere – December 7th, 2012

Running Time: 2 hours 40 minutes

Suitable for 12+yrs

A drama in 2 acts
The performance runs with one intermission
The performance is accompanied by music by Georgy Sviridov, Eduard Artemiev

Roles and actors:

Alexander Egorovich Vanyushin, a merchant, member of the City Council Recipient of the State Prize and the Prize of the Russian Federation Government , People's Artist of Russia Boris Nevzorov

Arina Ivanovna, his wife Recipient of the State Prize of the Russian Federation Government, People's Artist of Russia Lyudmila Polyakova

Their children: Konstantin Oleg Dobrovan

Alexey Mikhail Martyanov

Klavdia Recipient of the Prize of the Russian Federation Government, People's Artist of Russia Olga Pashkova People's Artist of Russia Alyona Okhlupina

Lyudmila Olga Zhevakina Polina Dolinskaya

Anya Daria Mingazetdinova

Katya Alina Kirillina

Elena, Vanyushin's niece Olga Pleshkova Alina Kirillina

Pavel Sergeevich Shchetkin, Klavdia's husband, an official State Prize of the Russian Federation laureate, Honored Artist of Russia Gleb Podgorodinskiy Honored Artist of Russia Vasiliy Dakhnenko Alexander Volkov

Stepan Fedorovich Krasavin, Lyudmila's husband, attorney at a wealthy Moscow firm Dmitriy Marin Honored Artist of Russia Viktor Bunakov

General's wife Kukarnikova, the widow People's Artist of Russia Aleftina Evdokimova Nataliya Boronina

Inna, her daughter Anastasiya Dubrovskaya

Avdotya, housekeeper at Vanyushin's house Honored Artist of Russia Nataliya Titaeva Nataliya Boronina

Akulina, a maid Anna Zharova

Gendarme Evgeniy Aranovskiy Alexander Naumov