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Amanova Svetlana

People's Artist of Russia

Svetlana Gennadyevna Amanova, People's Artist of Russia. In 1982 she graduated from Mikhail Shchepkin Higher Theatre School (the course of Mikhail Tsaryov) and joined the Maly Theatre’s company. Armed with her natural vivaciousness, cunning, sensuousness, and irresistible charm, Svetlana instantly won a very prominent place in the pantheon of theatre stars.

Throughout the years of work in the Maly Theatre Svetlana Amanova performed many roles of domestic and foreign repertoire. Svetlana endues all her characters with an inbuilt natural grace, charm and femininity. But at the same time, she adds nuances to every role she performs: deeply suffering and thoughtful Vera («The Precipice» by Ivan Goncharov), the simple-hearted child of nature Varya («The Wild Girl» by Alexander Ostrovsky), the proud Negina («Talents and Admirers» by Alexander Ostrovsky) - all these images are quite different, but each of them gained public sympathy.

Svetlana Amanova has also worked steadily and prominently in the film industry. She is known for her roles in «From Evening to Noon», «Sportloto-82», «The Journey Will Be Pleasant», «Winter Evening in Gagra», etc.

Roles in the Maly Theatre:

1982 - Magdalena, «Jealous of Herself» by Tirso de Molina, directed by Leonid Kheyfetz

1982 - Virgin Land worker, «Virgin Lands», stage-version based on Leonid Brezhnev’s book «Virgin Lands», directed by Vladimir Beylis together with Boris Lvov-Anokhin

1983 - Vika, «The Choice» by Yuri Bondarev, directed by Vladimir Andreev and Vladimir Beylis

1983 - The Hay Girl, «Tsar Fyodor Ioannovich» by Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy, directed by Boris Ravenskikh

1984 - Anya, «Vanyushin's Children» by Sergei Naidenov, directed by Mikhail Tsaryov, Viktor Ryzhkov and Vladimir Sedov

1984 - Mashenka, «Enough Stupidity in Every Wise Man» by Alexander Ostrovsky, directed by Igor Iliyinskiy

1984 - Masha, «The Living Corpse» by Leo Tolstoy, directed by Vitaliy Solomin

1985 - Pavla, «The Zykovs» by Maxim Gorky, directed by Leonid Kheyfets

1986 - Polina, «A Profitable Position» by Alexander Ostrovsky, directed by Vladimir Beylis

1988 - Zoya, «Handsome Man» by Alexander Ostrovsky, directed by Marianna Turbina

1989 - Sofia, «Woe from Wit» by Alexander Griboedov, directed by Vitaliy Ivanov

1989 - Olga, «Predators» by Aleksey Pisemsky, directed by Vladimir Beylis

1989 - Maxine, «The Night of the Iguana» by Tennessee Williams, directed by Theodore Mann (USA)

1990 - Varya, «The Wild Girl» by Alexander Ostrovsky and Nikolay Solovyov, directed by Vitaliy Solomin

1991 - Kunigunde von Thurneck, «Katie of Heilbronn or The Trial by Fire» by Heinrich von Kleist, directed by Klaus Wagner (West Germany)

1991 - Hamilton, «Infanticide» by Friedrich Gorenstein, directed by Vladimir Beylis

1992 - Vera, « The Precipice» by Ivan Goncharov, directed by Vera Efremova

1993 - Elena Andreevna, «Uncle Vanya» by Anton Chekhov, directed by Sergey Solovyov

1994 - Matryona, «An Ardent Heart» by Alexander Ostrovsky, directed by Boris Morozov

1995 - Negina, «Talents and Admirers» by Alexander Ostrovsky, directed by Vladimir Beylis

1997 - Kupavina, «Wolves and Sheep» by Alexander Ostrovsky, directed by Vitaliy Ivanov

1998 - Lydia, «Money to Burn» by Alexander Ostrovsky, directed by Vitaliy Ivanov

2000 - Natalia Dmitrievna, «Woe from Wit» by Alexander Griboedov, directed by Sergey Zhenovach

2004 - Zmeyukina, «Wedding! Wedding! Wedding» by Anton Chekhov, directed by Vitaliy Ivanov

2007 - Ranevskaya, «The Cherry Orchard» by Anton Chekhov, directed by Igor Iliyinskiy

2008 - Elena Nikolaevna, «The Children of the Sun» by Maxim Gorky, directed by Adolf Shapiro

2014 - Anne of Austria, «The Youth of Louis XIV» by Alexandre Dumas, père, directed by Yuri Solomin

2015 - Gaby, «Eight Loving Women» by Robert Thomas, directed by Vladimir Beylis

1981 - Katya, «From Evening to Noon», directed by K. Khudyakov

1982 - Tanya, «Sportloto-82», directed by L. Gaidai

1982 - Luda, «The Journey Will Be Pleasant», directed by A. Mkrtchan

1985 - Lena, «Winter Evening in Gagra», directed by K. Shakhnazarov

1985 - Elena Stakhova, «The Day Before», directed by N. Maschenko

1989 - Larissa, «The Ladder», directed by A. Sakharov

1992 - «The Time of Our Life», directed by O. Fomin

1992 - Queen Berengaria of Navarre, «Richard the Lionheart», directed by E. Gerasimov

1993 - Queen Berengaria of Navarre, «Knight Kenneth», directed by E. Gerasimov

1995 - «The Squire's Daughter» («The Noblewoman-Peasant»), directed by A. Sakharov

1996 - Anna and Dina, «Lisa and Eliza», directed by A. Zguridi

1997 - She, «In Paris», directed by K. Antropov

2002 - «Woe from Wit» (teleplay)

2003 - «Saved by the Birches»

2003 - 2004 TV series «Poor Nastya»

2009 - 2010 – TV series «Margosha», Gosha’s mum

2010 - Polina, « Seraphima the Beautiful», directed by K.Foliyants