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Nikolai Gogol

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Nearest shows: 25.03, 24.04

For more than a hundred years Gogol's «Marriage» has not appeared on the stage of the Maly Theatre - a brilliant but truly unresolved play. This is a satire of courtship and cowardice, which centres on a faint hearted petty officer Podkolyosin. «I wish I might» - a minor problem seems to grow in his consciousness to the Hamlet's famous soliloquy – «to be or not to be!"» A picky bride, hapless suitors, agile matchmaker, etc. - all the characters of the play are written out brightly and are brilliantly portrayed by the actors of the Maly Theatre. The vitality of Gogol's language and humor, carefully approached and restored by Yuri Solomin turn this luminous, hilarious cosmic farce into a true gift for the connoisseurs of undying classics.

Director – People's Artist of the USSR laureate of State Prizes of Russia Yuri Solomin

Set designer – Honored Worker of Culture of Russia Alexander Glazunov

Costume designer - Aleksey Trefilov

Composer – People's Artist of Russia Grigoriy Gobernik

Lighting Designer - Honored Artist of Russia Damir Ismagilov

Premiere - December 24, 2017

Running time: 2 hours 45 minutes.