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Muravyova Irina

People's Artist of Russia, Laureate of USSR State Prizes and Russian Federation Government Awards

Irina Vadimovna Muravyova, People's Artist of Russia, Laureate of USSR State Prizes and Russian Federation Government Awards. She was born on 8 February 1949 in Moscow, Russia.

After graduating from the drama studio of the Central Children's Theatre in 1970, Muravyova joined the ensemble of the Central Children's Theatre (today known as the Russian Academic Youth Theatre), where she served for 7 years. Among her many works were Lyubka Shevtsova («The Young Guard» by Alexander Fadeyev), Viola / Sebastian («Twelfth Night» by William Shakespeare), Princess Lali («Chinrak» by Georgiy Nakhutsrishvili), Bonka («The Tale About Four Twins» by Pancho Panchev), Galya («The Invisible Dimka» by Vadim Korostylyov and Mikhail Lvovskiy), The Tame Crow («The Snow Queen» by Evgeny Schwartz), as well as the role of boys in productions based on plays by S.Mikhalkov - Shura Tychinkin («Sombrero») and Fedya Druzhinin («Year 2001»).

From 1977 to 1991 Irina Muravyova worked in the Mossovet Theatre. She starred in a legendary production of «Next Was Silence», a stage version of Viña Delmar’s «Make Way for Tomorrow» along with Faina Ranevskaya and Rostislav Plyatt. Grushenka in «The Brothers Karamazov» by Fyodor Dostoevsky became one of her signature roles. In 1982 Irina Vadimovna graduated from Russian Academy of Theatre Arts.

Since 1993 Irina Myravyova has been working in the Maly State Academic Theatre of Russia, where she performed a range of central roles, from comedy to drama. Muravyova has always been praised for creating a unique acting style, characterized by emotional intensity, ardent temperament, and bright personality.

Muravyova’s performances have always received highest critical acclaim. In addition to her theatre accomplishments Irina Vadimovna was and still is one of the most famous actresses of the Soviet cinema. She is most well known for her performances in «Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears» (Lyudmila, 1979), «Karnaval» (Nina Solomatina, 1981), «The Most Charming and Attractive» (Nadya Klyuyeva,1985). She also starred in a popular TV series «Not Born Beautiful», a Russian spin of the Colombian «Yo Soy Betty La Fea» (I'm Betty, the Ugly One) telenovela. All these images, created by Muravyova, reveal her truly unique artistic talent and her magnificent sense of comic.

Irina Muravyova was awarded with USSR State Prize (1981), Order of Merit for the Fatherland (2006) and Order of Honour (1999).

Roles in the Maly Theatre:

1994 – Ranevskaya, «The Cherry Orchard» by Anton Chekhov, directed by Igor Ilyinskiy

1994 – Kupavina, «Wolves and Sheep» by Alexander Ostrovsky, directed by Vitaliy Ivanov

1996 - Arkadina, «Seagull» by Anton Chekhov, directed by Vladimir Dragunov

1998 – Gurmyzhskaya, «The Forest» by Alexander Ostrovsky, directed by Yuri Solomin

2002 – Mamaeva, «Enough Stupidity in Every Wise Man» by Alexander Ostrovsky, directed by Vladimir Beylis

2007 - Matryona, «The Power of Darkness» by Leo Tolstoy, directed by Yuri Solomin

2012 - Esther, «The Sacred Monsters» by Jean Cocteau, directed by Anton Yakovlev

2013 - Filumena Marturano, «Filumena Marturano» by Eduardo De Filippo, directed by Stefano de Luca

2015 - Mamy, «Eight Loving Women» by Robert Thomas, directed by Vladimir Beylis

2017 - Fyokla Ivanovna, the Matchmaker, «Marriage» by Nikolai Gogol, directed by Yuri Solomin

2019 - Mrs. Dolly Levi, «Always Call Dolly» by Sergey Plotov and Vladimir Ivanov, directed by Vladimir Ivanov