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Anton Chekhov

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Three Prozorov sisters - Olga, Masha and Irina and their brother Andrei live in a small and "lifeless" provincial town, where desperation and longing prevail. Even though they came to the backwater town eleven years ago from Moscow, the Prozorov sisters never got used to living there and yearn for urban Moscow. Only the proximity of a nearby military outpost and the company of the officers make their existence tolerable.

Chekhov provides us a glimpse into the turmoil of family life where personal crises and tragedies occur. Moscow represents a magic solution to the sisters’ problems, a symbol of hope, new life and future happiness. However, as the play progresses we witness the fading of their dreams. The anticipated return to Moscow remains an eternal symbol of missed opportunities and shattered dreams.

Performance Director- Yury Solomin

Director – Vasiliy Fedorov

Designer – Alexander Glazunov

Composer – Grigoriy Gobernik

Lighting Designer – Damir Ismagilov

Assistant Directors – Vladimir Egorov and Gana Markina

Premiere – January 16th, 2004

100th performance – February 6th, 2013

Running Time: 3 hours 20 minutes

Suitable for 12+yrs

A drama in four acts
The performance runs with one intermission

Roles and actors:

Andrei Sergeyevich Prozorov Honored Artist of Russia Alexander Beliy

Natalia (Natasha) Ivanovna, his fiancee, later wife Honored Artist of Russia Inna Ivanova Irina Zheryakova

Olga, his sister People's Artist of Russia Alyona Okhlupina

Masha, his sister Recipient of the Prize of the Russian Federation Government, People's Artist of Russia Olga Pashkova

Irina, his sister Honored Artist of Russia Varvara Andreeva Olga Pleshkova

Fyodor Ilyich Kulygin, a high-school teacher, Masha's husband People's Artist of Russia Valeriy Babyatinskiy

Aleksandr Ignatyevich Vershinin, a Lieutenant colonel commanding the artillery battery Recipient of the Prize of the Russian Federation Government, People's Artist of Russia Alexander Ermakov

Baron Nikolaj Lvovich Tuzenbach, a lieutenant State Prize of the Russian Federation laureate, Honored Artist of Russia Gleb Podgorodinskiy Kirill Shvartsenberg

Staff Captain Vassily Vasilyevich Solyony Honored Artist of Russia Viktor Nizovoy Honored Artist of Russia Aleksey Faddeev

Ivan Romanovich Chebutykin, an army doctor People's Artist of Russia Vladimir Nosik Honored Artist of Russia Viktor Bunakov

Aleksey Petrovich Fedotik, a sub-lieutenant Stepan Korshunov Dmitriy Marin

Vladimir Karlovich Rode, a sub-lieutenant Honored Artist of Russia Aleksey Faddeev Dmitriy Marin Maksim Khrustalyov

Ferapont,a door-keeper at the local council offices People's Artist of Russia Aleksey Kudinovich

Anfisa, an elderly family retainer and former nurse Nataliya Shvets

Prozorov's maid Dariya Podgornaya Anna Zharova

Officer's servant Andrey Manke