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Andreeva Varvara

Honored Artist of Russia

Varvara Andreeva was born on May 27, 1976. In 1999, she graduated from Mikhail Semyonovich Shchepkin Higher Theatre School (course of O.N. Solomina and Y.M. Solomin) and joined the company of the Maly State Academic Theatre of Russia.

Being slightly built and gentle, the characters played by Varvara Andreeva are women of strong character and an iron will. They can act on romantic impulse, but they never lose common sense. Varvara quite well endowed with the physique, can bring up any character – from costume part to a contemporary one.

Andreeva is also involved in working in film and on television. The audience knows her from the films «Doctor Zhivago», where she performed the role of Tonya, and «Exception from the rules» and the series «The Secret Sign-3. The Formula of Happiness», «The Star of the Epoch», «Airport-2», «Under the Big Dipper», «The Mine» «My Prechistenka», «On the Way to the Heart», «Two Fates-4. New Life», «Territory of Beauty», «Puteytsy-2», «Quiet Center», «Diary of Doctor Zaitseva-2» and others.

Roles in the Maly Theatre:

1997 – Gerda, «The Snow Queen» by Evgeny Schwartz, directed by Vitaliy Ivanov

1998 – Aksyusha, «The Forest» by Alexander Ostrovsky, directed by Yuri Solomin

1999 - Zinaida «Uncle's Dream» by Fyodor Dostoevsky, directed by Alexander Chetverkin

2000 – Luise, «Love and Intrigue» by Friedrich Schiller, directed by Yuri Solomin

2002 – Lady Maria, «Love’s Labour’s Lost...» by William Shakespeare, directed by Vitaliy Ivanov

2003 – Maria, «The Cloak of the Cardinal» by Pavel Gusev, directed by Vladimir Dragunov

2003 – Juliette, «Mysterious Chest» by Pyotr Karatygin, directed by Alexander Klukvin

2003 – Anya, «The Cherry Orchard» by Anton Chekhov, directed by Igor Iliyinskiy

2004 - Irina, «Three Sisters» by Anton Chekhov, directed by Yuri Solomin

2007 – Elizabeth, «Love Circle» by Somerset Maugham, directed by Andrey Zhitinkin

2013 - Inga Zavidonova, «The Last Idol» by Alexander Zvyagintsev, directed by Vladimir Dragunov

2018 - Karolina, «Time of Troubles.1609-1611» by Vladimir Medinskiy, directed by Vladimir Beylis

2018 - Alexandra Fyodorovna, «Tsar. Coup d’Etat» by Svyatoslav Rybas, directed by Elena Olenina


2005 «Doctor Zhivago» (Tonya), directed by Alexander Proshkin

2005 «The Star of the Epoch» (Liza), directed by Yuri Kara

2006 «My Prechistenka» (Liya), directed by Lyudmila Gladunko

2006 «Under Charles's Wain» (Lisa Arsenyeva), directed by Natalia Rodionova

2006 «The Mine» (Katya), directed by Alexey Kozlov

2008 «Two Fates-3. New Life» (Lora Kolesnikova), directed by Valery Uskov

2009 «Territory of Beauty» (Julia Fokina), directed by Oksana Taranenko, Igor Zabara, Pavel Tupik

2010 «The Quiet Center» (Belarus-film) (Tanya), directed by Renata Gritskova

2010 «Khitrovka», directed by Alexander Khvan