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Alexander Ostrovsky

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Nearest shows: 26.01, 16.02

At first, the plot of the play might seem simple and unimaginative: a rich merchant is sick and wants to make a will, but who is to inherit all his vast fortune once he passes away – a young wife, a lazy nephew or the poor so that they could praise him in prayers daily? He is tortured by doubts.

This story, as well as other works by Alexander Ostrovsky, is still quite topical and entertaining, as the writer describes Russian life from a unique point of view, focusing in particular on the morals and manners of the merchant class. The merchant Karkunov, played by Vasiliy Bochkarev, is not just a perverse tyrant, but a keen man of business, who made a fortune thanks to his wisdom, passion and innate cunning. Tormented by the disease and greedy in-laws, Karkunov starts questioning honesty and faithfulness of his wife (played by Lidiya Milyuzina).Young woman is leading a reclusive life and rejects all advances. But even her conscience doesn’t let her lie to her husband by saying that she will never fall in love with anybody else again. Yet again, who will inherit Karkunov’s fortune remains a mystery until the very end of the play.

In December 2015 the production received 5 gold diplomas at the XIII International Theatre «Golden Knight» festival:

- People's Artist of Russia Vasiliy Bochkarev for the role of Potap Potapich Karkunov

- Honored Artist of Russia Gleb Podgorodinsky for the role of Konstantin Lukich Karkunov

- People's Artist of Russia Vladimir Dubrovsky for the role of Isaiah Danilitch Halymov

- Costume designer Oksana Yarmolnik

- Production designer Maria Rybasova for the best scenography

Performance Director – Vladimir Dragunov

Scenography – Maria Rybasova

Composer – Grigory Gobernik

Costume Designer – Oksana Yarmolnik

Light Designer – Andrey Izotov

Pre-premiere performance – June 27th, 2015

Premiere – October 16th, 2015

Running Time: 2h30

Suitable for 12+yrs

A comedy in 4 acts
Stage version of the Maly theatre
The performance runs with one intermission

Roles and actors:

Potap Potapych Karkunov, a wealthy merchant Laureate of the State prizes of the Russian Federation, People's Artist of Russia Vasiliy Bochkaryov

Vera Philippovna, his wife Lidiya Milyuzina

Isai Danilych Khalymov contractor, Karkunov's relativegodfather People's Artist of Russia Vladimir Dubroskiy

Apollinaria Panfilovna, his wife Irina Zheryakova Anastasiya Dubrovskaya

Konstantin Lukich Karkunov, Potap Potapych's nephew State Prize of the Russian Federation laureate, Honored Artist of Russia Gleb Podgorodinskiy

Olga Dmitrievna, his wife Nataliya Kalinina

Erast, Karkunov's steward Honored Artist of Russia Vasiliy Zotov

Innokentiy, pilgrim Andrey Sergeev

Karkunov's employee Stanislav Soshnikov Maksim Khrustalyov