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Alexander Ostrovsky

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«Late love» is one of the most heart-touching plays by Alexander Ostrovsky. . Gerasim Porfirich Margaritov, once a famous Moscow lawyer, now a retired bankrupt official through no fault of his, rents a room with his marriageable daughter, Ludmila. She is in love with the owner's son – Nikolay, who is a careless young man. Blinded by love, she’s willing to perpetrate a fraud and to steal a very important document from her father for Nikolay’s sake. «Late love» is a brilliant exposé of the world around us. It is a story about life, which is full of temptations and lies, family relations, and of course all-consuming love. Throughout the play we witness the evolution of the characters, leading to the conventionally happy denouement.

Director – Andrey Tsisaruk

Scenography – Maria Butusova

Lighting Designer – Andrey Izotov

Composer – Eduard Gleizer

Assistant Director – Natalia Demidova

Premiere – December 20th, 2015

Running Time: 2 hours

Suitable for 12+yrs

Scenes from country life in four acts.
The performance runs with one intermission.

Roles and actors:

Felicata Antonovna Shablova, the owner of a small wooden house Anastasiya Dubrovskaya Klavdiya Moiseeva

Nikolai Andreich Shablov, Shablova's eldest son Mikhail Martyanov Evgeniy Sorokin

Dormedont, Shablova's youngest son, Margaritov's clerk Stanislav Soshnikov

Gerasim Porfiryich Margaritov, a lawyer, a retired official Honored Artist of Russia Sergey Veshchev Aleksey Anokhin

Lyudmila, his daughter Lidiya Milyuzina Dariya Novoseltseva

Onufry Potapych Dorodnov, a middle-aged merchant People's Artist of Russia Vladimir Dubroskiy Honored Artist of Russia Viktor Bunakov Sergey Vidineev

Varvara Kharitonovna Lebedkina, a widow Olga Abramova Aksiniya Pustylnikova Mary Mark