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based on Anton Chekhov's stories

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Nearest shows: 7.03, 16.03, 27.03, 9.04, 22.04

This is an extremely funny performance based on Chekhov’s early short comic stories,which he wrote under the pseudonym Antosha Chekonte. In this production Maly Theatre has intentionally diverged from detailed scenography in order to establish a special atmosphere, where the actors are left one-on-one with the audience. The minimalistic stage design heightens the audience's understanding and enjoyment of the play. However, brilliant comic situations cannot hide even from an average playgoer, author’s slightly sad look who is visibly present at the performance himself.

Performance Director – Elena Olenina

Scenography – Marina Alimova

Assistant Director – Albina Goncharova

Premiere – March 22nd, 2016

Running Time: 1 hour 30 min

A performance runs without an intermission
Based on stories: «Joy», «Whom to Pay», «The Comedian», «In a Strange Land», «A Tripping Tongue», «A Defenceless Creature», «Diplomat», «The Wallet», «A Happy Man»

Roles and actors:

Recipient of the State Prize of the Russian Federation, Honored Artist of Russia Yuriy Ilyin People's Artist of Russia Alexander Vershinin Honored Artist of Russia Sergey Veshchev Honored Artist of Russia Tatiana Korotkova Honored Artist of Russia Pyotr Skladchikov Viktor Andrianov Igor Grigoriev Pyotr Zhikharev Stanislav Soshnikov Yulia Safronova