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Zhikharev Pyotr


Pyotr was born on November 14, 1985. In 2006, he graduated with honors from Mikhail Shchepkin Higher Theatre School (course of N.N. Afonin). From 2010 to 2012 he did a Master’s degree there. At present he is a post-graduate student at the Institute of Art Education and Cultural Studies of the Russian Academy of Education.

In 2006 Pyotr joined the Maly Theatre’s company. He performed a number of memorable roles, a vile and vain waiter Yasha («The Cherry Orchard» by Anton Chekhov) among them. Zhikarev is especially good at portraying «slightly rotten» characters such as Klavdiy Goretsky in «Wolves and Sheep» or Lazar Elizaryvh Podkhalyuzin, «It's a Family Affair-We'll Settle It Ourselves» by Alexander Ostrovsky.

Pyotr is also involved in working in film and on television. Among his works are roles in: «Soldiers», «Wood grouse», «Mates», «Trace», «Prosecutor's inspection» and many others.

The actor has teaching experience. In 2003, he began teaching scenic speech at the Youth Theatre Studio «SHEST». Since 2009 Pyotr has been teaching at the Department of Acting at Mikhail Shchepkin Higher Theatre School. Moreover, he cooperates with the children's theatre studio «What?Yes!» and theatre courses «Artistanctsiya». Zhikharev was also a member of the jury and leader of the master classes in acting of the youth theatre festivals «In the Good Hour» (Moscow) and «The Theatre Zavalinka» (Zhukovsky).

As a director in 2013 he staged the play « The Lonesome West» by Martin McDonagh at the Moscow «Event» Theatre.

Pyotr Zhikharev is the winner of the Youth Delphic Games of Russia («Silver» in the nomination «Theatre», Smolensk, 2001, «Bronze» in the nomination «Art of Declamation», Ryazan, 2005). In 2004 he became a laureate of the competition of art of declamation named after M.N. Ermolova (Moscow).

Roles in the Maly Theatre:

2006 - Prince, «The Tale of Tsar Saltan» by Alexander Pushkin, directed by Vitaliy Ivanov

2007 - Prince Cherkassky, «Tsar Boris» by Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy, directed by Vladimir Beylis

2007 – Junior clerk, «Mysterious Chest », by Pyotr Karatygin directed by Yuri Solomin

2009 - Black tailor, «Smart Things» by Samuil Marshak., directed by Vasiliy Fyodorov

2009 - Writer, «The Life and Love of Monsieur de Molière» by Mikhail Bulgakov, directed by Vladimir Dragunov

2010 - Sound producer, «Dream of the Heroine» by Aleksandr Galin, directed by Aleksandr Galin

2010 – The servant boy, «The Minor» by Denis Fonvizin, directed by Vitaliy Ivanov

2010 - Klavdiy Goretsky, «Wolves and Sheep» by Alexander Ostrovsky, directed by Vitaliy Ivanov

2012 - Surin, «The Queen of Spades» by Alexander Pushkin, directed by Andrey Zhitinkin

2012 - Jodelet, Poet and Musketeer, «Cyrano de Bergerac» by Edmond Rostand, directed by Georges Lavaudant

2013 - Yasha, «The Cherry Orchard» by Anton Chekhov, directed by Igor Iliyinskiy

2014 - Card Player, «The Masquerade» by Mikhail Lermontov, directed by Andrey Zhitinkin

2014 - Ivan Khristinek, «The Theatre of the Empress» by Edvard Radzinsky, directed by Vladimir Dragunov

2014 - Second robber, «The Snow Queen» by Evgeny Schwartz (based on the story by Hans Christian Andersen), directed by Vitaliy Ivanov

2014 - Fouquet, «The Youth of Louis XIV» by Alexandre Dumas, père, directed by Yuri Solomin

2015 - Lazar Elizaryvh Podkhalyuzin, «It's a Family Affair-We'll Settle It Ourselves», by Alexander Ostrovsky, directed by Alexander Chetverkin

2016 - Spouse, «Don Juan» by Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy, directed by Alexander Klyukvin

2016 - Mitya Kuldarov, Popov, passenger, «Re-reading Chekhov» (based on Anton Chekhov's short stories), directed by Elena Olenina

2016 – Head Servant, «The Servant of Two Masters» by Carlo Goldoni, directed by Stefano De Luca

2018 - Palchevsky, «Time Of Troubles. 1609-1611» by Vladimir Medinksiy, directed by Vladimir Beylis

2018 - Tsar's son, «The Tale of Tsar Saltan» by Alexander Pushkin, directed by Vitaliy Ivanov