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Anton Chekhov

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Nearest shows: 21.03, 21.03, 4.04

Maly Theatre presents «Wedding!Wedding!Wedding»,a production that combines Anton Chekhov’s famous vaudevilles «The Bear» and «The Proposal». Designated as «sketches», this hilarious interpretation of two of Chekhov’s short plays explores the process of getting married. First comes a story telling us about how an anticipated happiness was nearly ruined by a money argument («The Proposal»). Then all of a sudden monetary claim turns into a proposal («The Bear»). Overall, this production is a great satirical examination of human nature, the upper middle class and courtship.

Lyrics: Poems by Heinrich Heine (translation by Alexander Blok) and Nikolay Zubov set to music

Performance Director – Vladimir Ivanov

Scenography – Alexander Glazunov

Composer – Alexei Ivanov

Assistant Director – Zinaida Andreeva

Costume Designer – Constantin Shamrin

Light Designer – Damir Ismagilov

Choreographer – Maria Suvorova

Premiere – November 17th, 2004

Running Time: 1h40

Suitable for 12+yrs