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Alexander Pushkin

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A pleiad of prominent crowned heads that frequently appear on the Maly Theatre’s stage was acceded to by a fabulous Tsar Saltan. You would ask why? Well, because every child knows the legendary Tsar from Pushkin's fairy tale. The production of the tale was dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the great Russian poet. The Maly Theatre decided to revive the production almost 20 years after the premiere. In this fairytale performance the harmony of Pushkin’s verse is embellished by directorial concepts and actor’s findings, numerous musical numbers and diverse decorations and costumes.

Performance Director – Vitaliy Ivanov

Designer – Alexander Glazunov

Costume Designer - Konstantin Shamrin

Composers - People's Artist of Russia Grigoriy Gobernik, Eduard Gleizer

Choreographer - Natalya Tsybulskaya

Lighting Designer - Honored Worker of Culture of Russia Andrey Izotov

Assistant Directors - Tatiana Egorova, Honored Worker of Culture of Russia Gana Markina

Premiere - November 11, 2018.

Running time:1 hour and 40 minutes.