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Robert Thomas

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The Maly Theatre invites its audience to dive into the world of mysteries, hidden behind the hypocritical cover of decorum of bourgeois decency. A large country residence cut off from the outside world. Eight women are preparing for Christmas. All of a sudden, the master of the house is discovered dead in his bedroom. Who's the murderer? The classic detective story by Robert Thomas features a star-studded line-up of the Maly Theatre.

«..In this production, the denouement will surprise even the most experienced connoisseurs of sophisticated plot twists ... everyone is a criminal and a victim at the same time. So you find yourself feeling bad for each of the characters. Because none of them truly realizes that the greatest value in this life is love».
(Maya Folkinshteyn, «Alef» magazine issue № 1060, 2015).

Production Director – Vladimir Beilis

Scenography – Stanislav Benediktov

Costume Designer – Victoria Sevrukova

Assistant Director – Vyacheslav Ezepov

Composer – Grigoriy Gobernik

Premiere – March 29th, 2015

Running Time: 2h50

Suitable for 16+yrs