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Friedrich Dürrenmatt

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The Visit of the Old Lady, based on the play by Friedrich Dürrenmatt and staged by Ilan Ronen (Israel) is a story of love and revenge. A wealthy woman Claire Zachanassian, returns to her former hometown, Güllen, in ordern to give a ruined city and its poor townspeople a fortune. There's, however, one condition... Despite the seemingly dramatic plot, the author calls his play a comedy. And the director leaves the choice to the audience either to laugh or to cry...

Director - Ilan Ronen (Israel)

Set Designer - Lily Ben Nachshon (Israel)

Costume Designer - Anat Sternschuss (Israel)

Video-art - Yoav Cohen (Israel)

Lighting Designer - Andrey Izotov (Russia)

Composer - Eduard Gleizer

Assistant directors - Nataliya Demidova, Svetlana Mochalova

Choreographer - Nataliya Tsybulskaya

Сhoirmaster - Galina Guseva

Premiere - November 16th, 2017

Running Time: 2 hours 45 minutes

A Tragic Comedy in Three Acts
The performance runs with one intermission

Roles and actors:

Claire Zachanassian, a famed billionaire People's Artist of Russia Lyudmila Titova

Ill Laureate of the State prizes of the Russian Federation, People's Artist of Russia Vasiliy Bochkaryov

Matilda, his wife Honored Artist of Russia Zinaida Andreeva

Ottilie, Ill's daugher; the Mayor's granddaughter, one of the citizens Olga Pleshkova Mariya Dunaevskaya Daria Shevchuk

Karl, Ill's son; the Doctor Maksim Filatov

The Mayor Recipient of the Prize of the Russian Federation Government, People's Artist of Russia Alexander Klukvin

Toby, former New York gangster; the Acrobat; one of the citizens Dmitriy Krivosheev Grigoriy Skryapkin Oleg Dobrovan

Hoby, Husbands VII-IX; one of the citizens; a person in the studio Maksim Khrustalyov

Roby, former New York gangster; Cameraman; one of the citizens Andrey Sergeev Dmitriy Krivosheev

Boby, the Butler Honored Artist of Russia Sergey Tezov

The Priest; Mr. Hofbauer; one of citizens Honored Artist of Russia Vasiliy Dakhnenko

The Schoolmaster People's Artist of Russia Vladimir Nosik

The Painter; the Mayor's granddaughter; the journalist; first woman in Ill's shop Mariya Dunaevskaya

Second woman in Ill's shop; one of the citizens Mariya Seryogina

Policeman Honored Artist of Russia Viktor Nizovoy Aleksey Anokhin

Koby, the blind; Conductor; one of the citizens Mikhail Fomenko

Loby, the blind; the Butcher; one of the citizens Honored Artist of Russia Viktor Bunakov Aleksey Dubrovskiy