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«King Lear» by William Shakespeare was conceived as the first premiere after an extensive renovation of the historic stage on Teatralnaya Ploschad (Theatre Square).

«The complexity of the perception of this play lies within the complete lack of hope and optimism in regards to the real essence of life, - says director Anton Yakovlev. - However, this is a traditional feature of this genre – all the great tragedies share the same traits. It seems like they are destined to sentence people and human nature itself. As if they are trying to claim that human genetics is self-destructive in the first place. And, knowing the history of mankind, it is difficult to contradict this affirmation. The main question of the play - is there a way out of this vicious circle? It seems that the answer has been known for a long time – it lies within love and faith. But, alas, in « King Lear» few people believe in something, except for the right and might of power and strength. Yet nothing has changed ....»

The leading role was entrusted to People's Artist of Russia Boris Nevzorov, who earned a reputation for his bright acting and fierce temper.

Performance Director — Anton Yakovlev

Scenography – Maria Rybasova

Costume Designer – Oksana Yarmolnik

Lighting Designer – Andrey Izotov

Assistant Directors – Natalia Demidova, Albina Goncharova

Premiere – March 1st, 2017

Running Time: 3 hours

A tragedy in 2 acts
The performance runs with one intermission
Translated by O.Soroka

Roles and actors:

King Lear, King of Britain Recipient of the State Prize and the Prize of the Russian Federation Government , People's Artist of Russia Boris Nevzorov

Earl of Gloucester Honored Artist of Russia Sergey Veshchev People's Artist of Russia Alexander Vershinin

Earl of Kent / Caius Honored Artist of Russia Viktor Nizovoy

Goneril, Lear's eldest daughter Honored Artist of Russia Inna Ivanova

Regan, Lear's second daughter State Prize of the Russian Federation laureate, Irina Leonova

Cordelia, Lear's youngest daughter Olga Pleshkova Mary Mark

Edgar / Poor Tom, Gloucester's older son Dmitriy Marin

Edmund Gloucester's younger, illegitimate, son Mikhail Martyanov

Fool State Prize of the Russian Federation laureate, Honored Artist of Russia Gleb Podgorodinskiy

Duke of Albany, Goneril's husband Honored Artist of Russia Vasiliy Dakhnenko

Duke of Cornwall, Regan's brutal husband Honored Artist of Russia Vasiliy Zotov

Oswald, Goneril's steward Aleksey Dubrovskiy

King of France Igor Grigoriev Maksim Khrustalyov

Gloucester's servant Andrey Manke Aleksey Anokhin

Musicians Stanislav Soshnikov Andrey Sergeev

Servants to Regan Aksiniya Pustylnikova Dariya Novoseltseva Daria Shevchuk

King of France's steward Maksim Filatov